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WCSplus is an Order Fulfillment Solution for warehouses designed to leverage the power of material handling solutions (MHE). Easily integrates with ERP, E-commerce and WMS systems.

WCSPlus leverages powerful components from our WMS solution solely for outbound order fulfillment and was designed to:

Increase Labor Productivity for Order Fulfillment

Provide Scalability to Warehouse Outbound Operations

Meet Customer Service Levels

Adaptive Technology
Along with choreographing the material handling equipment's movements, the intelligent control system automatically balances the workload. The WCS monitors the actual workload for the number of orders and products per order per lane, and then makes decisions on routing product to optimize the workload.   

Optimizes Picking
WCS manager also takes data from sensors in the Material Handling equipment to control workflow upstream due to jams, buffer overflows and alerts.  WCS Manager will optimize picking in real-time, communicating with the Wave & Pick Manager’s to only pick product that is able to be sorted, diverted, accumulated and loaded. Knighted has pioneered a visual management technology that provides distribution management the tools to manage conveyer and sortation operations from a single screen.

Visual Management Technology
Knighted has pioneered a Visual management system that is all web enabled.  This allows operations to securely control the system from anywhere, antime. Also included in the visual management system are controls and alerts such as:

 WCSPlus Order Fulfillment System